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It means you cant Contact that Person that Message usually Appears if there Account has been Deactivated or they Blocked you or if you are Trying to do a Video call and there on a another in the third case, if the person has simply turned off chat for you , he will not be available at your services This person isn't available right now at the moment - This warning message appears on Facebook when you try to chat to the person who has blocked you or..

These people aren t receiving messages now errors This person is unavailable right now facebook Facebook this person isnt available right now This person isn t receiving messages from you right It means the person that you are trying to contact isn`t online at the moment (I think) read more At the moment, I'm making this programme, but actually, I should be in a meeting. So this sentence shows both phrases but they're actually quite different. But actually I should be in a meeting. Now in this part of my sentence, actually isn't talking about time at all. Actually means 'in fact' or 'in reality' Caller unknown means the person answering the phone doesn't know who's calling. This mostly occurs when answering a call to a landline phone without caller ID or to a mobile phone or smartphone from a number that isn't listed in the phone's contacts

Chiltern Railways plans to sell tickets through mobile phones. The new technology sends a code to a mobile phone in a text message, which passengers can then scan at the station ticket barrier. It's hoped the method will make buying tickets easier for passengers and help fight against queues at stations What life means to me Life to me means friends and family who you can trust to and who trusts you. I am pretty much on the happy side of life, but like all teens I have my days off. That means I have some sad days or depressed days 2. It isn't snowing at the moment 3.Are they having a Piano lesson every Monday? 4.Do you go out at the weekend? 5.She at the moment visit her grandparents. 6.Paul is repairing his bike at the moment? 7.They're running to catch the bus now. 8.Kim and1 John go to cinema on Fridays

3. She's reading. (negative) - She isn't reading. 4. They're working. (question) 5. He's writing a letter. (question) 6. He's eating. (negative) 7. I'm not working. (positive) 8. She's studying at the moment. (question) 9. I'm sleeping. (negative) 10 So it means that people around the world can now make an ethical choice and know that the money, some of the money from their chocolate bar purchase is Are you putting off anything until tomorrow? How is your son getting on at the holiday? He isn't feeling let down? Is he meeting up with his friends Could you___up her number in the phone book ? Look. She ___ out as one of the finest contemporary British novelists around at the moment. I had a quick look at the magazine in the dentist's waiting room (through) I_____ in the dentist's waiting room In fact, I've got to go and see my bank manager about it tomorrow. 11. Strawberries cost a lot at the moment because they're not ___. 12. Thank you for attending the interview, Mr Blake. You'll be hearing from us ___ - probably at the end of next week

27. Paul is not working at the moment. 28. Does Sarah live in London? Yes, she does. 29. I will go and get some. 30. Shakespeare wrote Romeo & Juliet, didn't he? 36. Who did you see at the meeting yesterday? 37. Robert and Tricia have known each other for over 25 years. 38. Stop talking Mass media have made information available to a great number of people. On the other hand, mass media have negative consequences for a lot of individuals. Lots of information means more opportunities Personal calls are made to a particular person. A is made for the service, but you do not pay for the time taken to find the person. 2. Which phrase means the same as 'hang on a moment?' A. Just a second. B. I'll put you on. I'm afraid is not available at the moment. Mr Jackson isn't in.. b Mitnick isn't a thief or a terrorist, he's a recreational hacker. He didn't do it for economic gain or damage anything.' - Mitnick's lawyer, Donald Randolph. The policy of the RIAA means that in the USA you can go to prison for offering music illegally on theInternet, but some experts think that you.. Available Formats. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. At the moment / nowadays. Do you need to buy any food today? Do you want anything to eat right now? D You mean £99.99. That isn't cheap for a pair of shoes. Anyway, we can't afford to buy new clothes at the moment

9. My brother likes to get up at Sunrise. 10. I started doing my homework at eight o'clock and finished only at midnight. 11. In France it often snows in. winter. 12. Kate got married at.. the age of 19 1 Personality 1.1 PERSONALITY TYPES IN THIS UNIT GRAMMAR question forms present simple and present continuous VOCABULARY Give examples. LISTENING 5a Look at the people in the photos and discuss. What kind of personality do you think each person has? 5b 1.2 Listen to the.. This grammatical meaning is mainly expressed by the Present Perfect Progressive. However the Present Perfect Durative is found with verbs that cannot be used in the progressive form. The whole period of the duration of the action may be marked by prepositional phrases with for Выберите наиболее подходящий вариант: 1. Ron and Michael ___ at the table and doing their homework. A. I ___ what you mean. A. am not understanding expect to be/being at the next meeting. I think I can make it. If she isn't in the office when you call, keep to try/trying. considered every possible option. really to visit/visiting your factory. Thank you very much. 27. They decided to 1,000 units. 28. He offered to meet/meeting me at the airport

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My best moment was helping children to play cricket. I really enjoy sport and enjoy the interaction with others. A2 The check-in process at the airport makes Lisa nervous. A3 Lisa always feels comfortable during the flight. A4 When on business trips Lisa doesn't have to work long hours 7 the person who controls England (win) 1:0 in the first half but e.g. a football match r Ireland (score) two goals in the second 8 the place where you ski ski sl half. 8 Kirk wants to repeat the experience. Study Link Student's Book p.146 Vocabulary Bank b Look at the highlighted words 1 I think she's arriving this evening, but I'm not sure of that. 2 Your camera is _ mine, but it isn't exactly the same. 3 Don't worry. 17 I'm not surprised he changed his mind at the last moment. That's typical _ him. 18 Mark has no money of his own c Now read what Charlotte says. With a partner guess the meaning of the highlighted words and phrases. d Cover the text. Can you remember? b Underline the correct form of the verb, present continuous or simple present. 1 In the painting the man isn't wearing / doesn't wear shoes 2. Read the email about computers available at TEI Inc. Then, choose the correct answers. E. a part used to increase a computer's functions; F. a part that completes tasks for the computer; 4. Write a word that is similar in meaning to the underlined par

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(Mansfield) 12. Garden at the Manor House. A flight of grey stone steps leads up to the house. The garden, an old-fashioned one, full of roses. 1. He stared amazed at the calmness of her answer. (Galsworthy) (2 member, complete) 2. We must go to meet the bus (2-member, complete) Sandra is the type of person (1) which (2) can't sit still on holiday (3) and is always on the move (4). When we arrived at the camp (1) we were offered (2) lots of fun activities (3), so we definitely enjoyed us (4)

..for this project is just over a million dollars. a) business b) budget c) launch d) payback 7 Our country has a very _ economy at the moment. a) organiser b) organise c) organisation d) organising 10 Prices remained _ at the same level as last year. a) steadily b) slowly c) steady d) same (F humorous story) 2 An exciting story about a hero who does dangerous things. (В adventure) 3 A story of somebody's life written by another person. (C biography) 4 A story about a crime or a strange event. a resourceful blog to help those who want to improve their scores on some English tests by doing some exercises and practices available with the answer At the end of the lecture, the speaker gave out information sheets to the audience. point something out (to somebody) =draw attention to something

B1 All Tenses. Fill in the correct form of the verb given. T035. 1. Jeff _ our bank manager at the moment. Jeff is our bank manager at the moment. He has been here for three years If a person has the right to education, this means that society ___ (2) provide him with the opportunity to get it. This is ___ (3) artificial suntan - I've got it in solarium. It's available at ___ (4) reasonable charge, and it's right near my house. Alice: I've never been to a solarium Why did the busiest person in the world, former president Barack Obama, read an hour a day while in office? People at the bottom of the economic ladder are being squeezed more and compensated less, while those at the top have more opportunities and are paid more than ever before As he sees it, celebrity personal assistants have not always been treated fairly by the press. But despite this, and all the hard work and lack of A repeat of a talk show appears on the screen, and the host introduces her four guests: the celebrity personal assistants for Whoopi Goldberg, Roseanne.. I preparing for my report at the moment. The children decorating the hall for the party. Answers: 1. Molly isn't translating an article. 2.Jack and Sam aren't gathering pears in the garden. 3.It isn't getting warm. 4. We aren't climbing a mountain

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doesn't isn't aren't don't. There a lot of people outside the school. What's the problem? are is be am. Cathy a game on her computer at the moment. plays is playing to play play A hearing person asked to mime a standard story about a cat waddling down a street will make a single gesture, a downward spiral motion of the hand. But the deaf children have developed two different signs to use in its place. They sign a circle for the rolling motion and then a straight line for the direction of.. Today there are lots of ways that make it possible to learn a foreign language and every person chooses what suits them best. While studying French at the University, I religiously listened to the cassette tapes that accompanied our textbook, and it really helped me to better learn the language § The car isn't starting again. § 'Who are you phoning?' 'I'm trying to get through to Joan.' Ex. 3. Explain why the Present Continuous is not used in the following sentences despite the fact that the actions in them take place at the moment of speakin

PERSON. B5. When she left school, she was offered a job as a doctor's receptionist. (past simple passive, т.к. ей предложили, а не она предложила The heart isn't the only muscle to benefit from regular exercise. The other muscles in your body enjoy exercise too. Being flexible may also help improve a person's sports performance. Some activities, like dance or martial arts, require great flexibility Every night,Monday to Saturday, and twice on Thursdays. At the moment, I'm in aproduction of King Lear. I'm playing Cordelia. It's a great role, andI've been lucky to have some very good reviews. 7 I love being a nurse, even though the _ isn't very good

2 GRAM M ARzyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcbaZYXWVUTSRQPONMLKJIHGFEDCBA present continuous. azyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcbaZYXWVUTSRQPONMLKJIHGFEDCBA Look at the painting again. Read the museum guide's description of it Only a person who knows the language very well _ answer such a question. Most children_ slide on the ice very well. Упражнение 16. Write the sentences again without changing the meaning. Use one of the modal verbs in brackets. It's possible Mary saw him. (must..

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2 Rewrite each sentence, beginning as shown. Do not change the meaning. 1 The person who stole the painting must have been tall. 3 Complete each sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first. I The local cinema has a good film on at the moment Example: A: What does HTML stand for/ mean? Language Superlatives We use superlative adjectives to compare a person or thing with a number of other people or things. How's it (1) _ _ _ _ ? Fine, fine. What (2) _ _ _ _ you (3) _ _ _ at the moment? Oh, I (4) Nero 19. What should people do at the moment? A) keep away from the area. 20.You overhear a woman talking about some news she has just received. D) trained staff are available to look after them. 4. Seth predicts that the bands attracting most people this year will be those which

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  1. There is a man at the door,....? is there isn`t he isn`t there. Вопрос № 14. We. at the airport till they arrived
  2. g at the weekend. 5. We all go to a restaurant on Sunday. 6. Martin is learning French at the moment. 3. Some words are impossible to translate. 4. The chair isn't safe to stand on. 5. A car is expensive to maintain. 10.3
  3. Find negative adjective which fits the following definition. Means unable to read or write -. Match the idioms with its meaning. You are a pain in the neck
  4. They weren't very happy about it and asked us not to go. So (6) —— . But later that same day something strange (7) —— . A doctor (8) —— us that Aunt Myra (9) —— into hospital for an operation. (10) —— go and see her at the same time, said my mother
  5. This bank of the river isn't... that one. So beautiful as. This book embraces a number of issues, from economic to religion. We there on holiday next year will go. We very hard at the moment. are studying. We are not in financial position to cut taxes Sufficiently strong enough
  6. isn't likes. Sorry, I can't talk. the moment

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She is the person whom you should see. The person who was driving the blue truck almost had an accident Do you know how to report what somebody else said? Look at these examples to see how we can tell someone what another person said. direct speech: 'I love the Toy Story films,' she said. indirect speech: She said she loved the Toy Story films 2. What do you do when someone isn't paying attention to you? 3. How do you deal with someone who is rambling? 4. What techniques do you use to explain complicated things? ⟹ Look at the front cover of a well-known academic book on the right. What is it about? Unit 4: Student's Book A Read the conversation between two students. Then look at the answers below and write the correct answer in each space. And this is a great show, isn't it? _(you / enjoy) it

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  1. e the primary reasons why a customer would buy your product. Those buyer reasons can be divided into three main groups: 1. Features: A customer buys a product or service because of the features included in the purchase
  2. The kitten isn't sleeping, (to play) +. Greg and his boss aren't having lunch, (to read a report) +. Cliff and Julia are preparing for the test, (to dance at the Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в форме Present Simple или Present Continuous. 1. Her father (not to watch) TV at the moment
  3. Mum lunch at the moment. He already seafood pasta. We Japanese food at weekends. to read. You haven't broken my notebook. (Ты не сломал мой ноутбук.) The train isn't going too slow. (Поезд не едет слишком медленно.
  4. Really there isn't one question to ask that is the best. Because think about it, every situation is different. Besides helping to fill the silence, these questions can tell you a lot about the person you're with. They also show her that you're interested in her
  5. We've all had that moment of realization while walking when we remember something we needed to do and it stops us in our tracks. Sometimes, you just don't feel like blowing your nose. But while loudly honking into a tissue isn't exactly cute, nonstop sniffing is infinitely more irritating to those around you

14.Underline the correct time expression. 2. It isn't snowing - Brainly.r

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2. Sam is discussing problems at the moment. 3. Kate is listening to a CD today. 1 Kate is not sitting near the table at the moment Some of the ideas are fantastic, and there are some wonderfully wacky Vonnegut-like moments, but I don't think this works well as a collection. It was so humorous because Asimov was an outspoken atheist. This anecdote is vintage Kurt, satirizing anything and everything and at the most ironic times Isn't Jock Macpherson a great talker? - 16. Does H.Grant forbid Elizabeth to interrupt the interview after a short time even with the excuse that there is someone else waiting to see e. Actions going on at the present moment (with the verbs not used in the continuous form). - See Question 3 below This means that you are positive for the coronavirus if the test process required up to 40 cycles, or 37, to detect the virus. Tests with thresholds so high may detect not just Any test with a cycle threshold above 35 is too sensitive, agreed Juliet Morrison, a virologist at the University of California, Riverside

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10. A: That famous opera singe....(appear) at the opera house tonight. B: Yes. He....(appear) to be feeling better after his operation. 11. A: Chris.... (be) a sensible person, isn't he It isn't possible (or would at least be very strange) for Anna to know Jim or for me to like cake only at the time of speaking. Some common signal words with present continuous are time words like now, at the moment, this week and for the time being and the words Look! and Listen A didn't use to В isn't used to C doesn't get used to 12 John usually haseggs and some orange juice for breakfast. A scrambled В roast C grilled 13 Susan's father works as an air traffic. at the airport. A programmer В warden C controller 14 Mark really needs to speak to you

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This isn't relevant only to famous historical characters. Martin Seligman, a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, proved that participants who took the time to write about the good things in their lives had a huge increase in happiness scores d. going. 5. I'm afraid I'm really . for time at the moment. a. hurried. b. short. I'll take care of them soon. Generally, I an irresponsible person. 8. When she opened the window she was happy to see it at the moment. In fact, it all night and snow all the rooftops In formal contexts, we can use that and those as substitutes meaning 'the one(s)': The most important information is that given at the beginning of the manual. (that substitutes for the information). The methods employed are those familiar to researchers..

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  1. So we at Really Learn English made this huge collection of stories and exercises available for you, completely free of charge. You can read the stories online, download the story PDF files, print and use them by yourself or with your students, and check the answers using the answer key
  2. I don't understand what you mean. She likes coffee. I prefer apples to bananas. What does he want? Verbs with different meaning: THINK = BELIEVE I think that this is a perfect plan. THINK = CONSIDER She's thinking about this plan
  3. included.As a rule these actions are temporary. They are spending their holidays at the sea-side this summer. Your behaviour is killing your wife. The birds are flocking together. 1. To denote (for the sake of emphasis) actions in progress referring to all or any time, the moment of speaking included
  4. ute
  5. D Complete each second sentence using the word given, so that it has a similar meaning to the firstsentence. Write between two and five words in The documentary didn't really_why therainforests are being cut down. 5. I had a quick look at the magazine in the dentist's waiting room..

C. Look at the two opinions below. Which one do you most agree with

  1. Now, right now, at the moment, still. NOTE: Sometimes the present continuous is called the present progressive in some workbooks or lessons. We say I am speaking English because it refers to what I am doing now. It is a temporary action because in a moment I might start speaking in Spanish
  2. data - данные; available - имеющийся в наличии The process of selecting a competent person for each position is best accomplished through a systematic definition of the The job specification describes the person expected to fill a job. It details the knowledge, education, qualities, skills and..
  3. ute - the latest possible moment; money became available at the eleventh hour; at..
  4. 55 that isn't enough, he often posts advice and help for other climbers on his website, and it looks. 60 like there is much more to come from this inspirational teen. 6 experienced something, especially. a problem encountered. 8 At the moment, Jordan is helping other children
  5. position - a person's relative place, as in society; rank, status; occupation - that which chiefly engages one's time; one's trade. 5. The police called the company to find out his at the moment
  6. ates the French market and it is doing well in the rest of Europe at the moment, too
  7. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu's millions of monthly readers. Title: Language leader intermediate workbook with key, Author: Наталія Бережна..

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  1. I'm afraid Sarah isn't here at the moment. She's away from her desk at the moment. I'm sorry, but Sarah isn't in the office today. (Can I take a message?) Can I speak to Jenny please? I'm sorry, but she isn't here at the moment. Oh OK. I'll call back later
  2. VOCABULARY personality. a) Can you remember?What do you call a person who...?? 1.talks a lot : talkative, open, 2.doesn;t talk very much: taciturn, silent 3.feels nuncomfortable and nervous when he/she meets new people: shy, timid 4.thinks someone loves another person more than him/her..
  3. The moment you start pointing fingers is the moment people start seeing you as someone who lacks accountability for their actions. This makes people nervous. Some will avoid working with you altogether, and others will strike first and blame you when something goes wrong
  4. 1. actions happening at the moment of speaking (now, at the moment). Peter is reading a book now. She's listening to the radio. ► Verbs that express states are normally not used with the Present Progressive. If they are used, watch the difference in meaning
  5. Варианты ответов: think. mean. hope. I was looking forward . at the new restaurant, but it was closed. Варианты ответо
  6. We can be physically attracted to someone, but we are more often drawn to confidence and personality. Our brains are like really hungry toddlers-they are easily bored and they demand to be fed with entertaining nuggets. Being hot simply isn't enough
  7. Because of that, first person narrators can be unreliable, meaning that their perspective skews the accuracy of the story they're telling. Many of Shakespeare's sonnets are written in first person, and Sonnet 29 is no different. Let's look at the full poem and see why it qualifies as being written in first..

For example, red means the people of Stockholm are very happy, green is OK and purple means many people are sad. 'A lot of people look at the pharmacy and the other at a doctor's. Write the number of the conversation (1 or 2) next to the person's medical problems and medical advice they receive (Special) She is going to live in the house, isn't she? (disjunctive/tag)9. He couldn't understand what Irene found wrong with him: it was not as if he drank. 1. He stared amazed at the calmness of her answer. (Galsworthy) (2 member, complete) 2. We must go to meet the bus (2-member, complete) Person. A. A man who has been injured in an accident but is still able to walk to the hospital. B. People walking in the park on a warm summer Look at the expressions in bold in list A and choose a suitable definition for that expression in list B. A. 1. I think Ben got out of bed on the wrong side this morning She isn't listening to the radio. They aren't doing their homework. Note that we can use short forms only in negative short answers, but not in positive short answers. We use the present continuous for things happening now, at the moment of speaking

specific meaning, its own geographical and economic connotations. Great Britain is the United Kingdom less Northern Ireland; England is Great Britain Wales and Could you tell me the time, please? It can be also used at the beginning of a sentence to make a suggestion or invitation warmer 5. Sue and Mike _ to go camping. wanted, said, made, talked. 6. Who's calling, please? Just a moment. It's David Parker. I'll call you back. Speaking

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Definition of i'm having a moment. @Grat: Well, it can mean a lot of things... Example: Imagine going to your boyfriend's/girlfriend's house and then you see them Example 2: If you were with the one you like and you almost kiss them, but someone interrupts you would probably say I'm having a moment! Using time expressions choose a time expression from the list below to complete each sentence. never, tonight , always, at the moment, every day, on Fridays, right now, this week, today. a. she. eat meat. she is vegetarian. b. mother is reading the paper . . c. she.. 2. They must be at the sports ground now. They usually basketball on Fridays. (Correct)(Incorrect) Jane is . . . an. interesting person. You must meet her. Mary hasn't got . . . a. job at the moment. a Having private information exposed this easily on the internet isn't ok. Probably the wise thing to do right now is to unlink your phone number for now. Hopefully miHoYo does something about this

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