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Check out these Germany Facts to learn more about this amazing country! Quick Facts . Essential Facts. Interesting Facts . The area of Germany spans 357,022 kilometers squared. The current population of Germany stands at 83,808,340. In 2019, the estimated GDP of the country per capita is $52,559 Here is a mix of informative and interesting facts to learn more about Germany or test your German knowledge. Test yourself with these top 30 German facts on how well you know the Germans. Germany was the first country in the world to adopt Daylight saving time - DST, also known as summer time Germany, officially known as Federal Republic of Germany is a European country. It is divided into 16 states, and it is the most populated European country after Russia and 16th most populated country in the world. Here are some astonishingly interesting facts about Germany: #1: Borders. Germany lies in the center of Europe

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  1. Germany Facts; 65 Interesting Facts about Germany. By Jill Bartholomew, Junior Writer. Published January 30, 2017. The name Germany comes from the Latin Germania, the Roman name for the lands north of the Alps, where the Barbarian tribes lived
  2. Germany, the country of beer, sausages, and Oktoberfest is an interesting country no doubt. With so much going on there (or shall I say here!), it surely calls for an interesting facts post.So here's not ten, or twenty, but sixty-nine (neunundsechzig!) fun facts about Germany
  3. The Federal Republic of Germany lies in the heart of Europe and is a cosmopolitan, democratic country with a great tradition and a lively present. Facts and figures at a glance
  4. Germany Facts Find out all about the cool country of Germany Forested mountainsides, an abundance of wildlife and the home of 18th century composer, Beethoven - check out these fascinating facts about Germany

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Germany is a developed country and provides tuition-free university education. With these 45 interesting facts about Germany, let's explore more about this world's third-largest exporter and importer of goods. Historical facts about Germany's capital — Berlin. 1. Modern Berlin is only 26 years old Germany, country of north-central Europe. Although Germany existed as a loose polity of Germanic-speaking peoples for millennia, a united German nation in roughly its present form dates only to 1871. Modern Germany is a liberal democracy that has become ever more integrated with and central to a united Europe

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Here are some fun facts about Germany and Germans that you definitely need to know. 1. Germany is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe. Yes, the country has a staggering population size of 83,517,000 people, and counting! And, even though Germany is a rather large country, that still means there's 231 people per sq km! 2 Interesting Facts about Germany - Interested in spending some time in Germany during for your vacation? Well, it's a good idea for you to know about some facts about Germany as mentioned below. Those facts can be helpful for you to understand this country better and thus, you can enjoy your vacation more Learning how to speak German is no easy task - every noun has a gender and just when you thought you were getting a grip on it, a new kind of exception to the rule bursts your language bubble. It might be tough to get around, but the language is riddled with quirky traits and poetic descriptions, making learning German a fascinating experience for language lovers Germany has a reputation for being a straight-laced, by-the-books country -- but plenty of weirdness bubbles just below the surface. Honestly, Sprockets isn't that far-fetched. As it turns out, there's more than enough weird and wacky going down between the Vaterland's borders. Here are 18 eye-opening facts about good old Deutschland

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2. German Tanks were not as good as Allied Tanks. Although Germany is characterised in WW2 by the use of the tank, German tanks were often inferior to the allied tanks. Believe it or not in 1940 when Germany invaded France, the Germans faced the far more powerful French tanks which outmatched any tank that the Germans possessed at the time 10 Interesting Facts About Germany More An aerial view shows panels of a photovoltaic system swimming on the Maiwald quarry pond in Renchen, southern Germany, on July 4, 2019 Germany Facts. 74 Facts about Germany. CATEGORIES With 83 million people, as of 2019, Germany has the. EU's largest population. ♦ SOURCE ♺ SHARE. Germany's decades-long tendency to population decline has been offset by waves of immigration. ♦ SOURCE ♺ SHARE

The German state, the German government, the German economy - find out the important facts here. Germany in facts and figures: here you can find important information about Germany at a glance - government, population, economy In this article, I am going to talk about 200 cool facts about Germany. Cool facts about Germany. Let's find below 200 cool facts about Germany: In 2012, Forbes journal ranked German Chancellor Angela Merkel because the world's second strongest individual and the highest-ranked feminine ever 15 Interesting Facts About Germany Germany, a Western European country has been one of the top in the list of tourist destination for a very long period. Germany has about 2 millennia of history since it has been amidst many ups and downs According to germany-insider-facts.com, there aren't many hotels that offer toiletries. That is particularly surprising for people who are not from there since many hotels in other places do offer at least a few toiletries. So, guests should bring their own things along with them if they plan to use them

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Let's see the list of 12 weird facts about Germany that are crazy, interesting and mind-blowing: 12. Pillows Are Considered as Weapons. According to the laws in Germany, a pillow can be considered as a passive weapon. According to German laws, hitting someone with pillows can lead to charges of assaults There's more than enough weird and wacky going down between Germany's borders. Here are 18 eye-opening facts about good old Deutschland Facts of Germany: Germany has the highest population in the European Union No interesting facts about Germany list would be complete without noting that the country is very densely populated. This country has over 82 million citizens, which is an incredibly high number for the amount of land Germany has Facts About Germany Germany, situated in West Central Europe i.e. the heart of Europe, is one of the most magnificent countries of the world. The best part of the country is that it presents such a rich diversity within itself that you will feel that you are visiting not one, but a number of countries together

Germany is one of my favorite countries in the world. Here is 25 interesting facts about Germany that you probably didn't know. 1. Germany is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. 2. One third of the country is still covered in forests and woodlands. 3. The Christmas tree (Tannenbaum) tradition came from Germany. 4 Facts about Germany-When we visited Germany for the first time, we expected something unusual by the everyday tasks of their people which make their lives more natural and comfortable. Whenever we visited there, it surprised us with their arrangement Here is some basic info about Germany, so without further due now let's get to know some interesting and hilarious facts about Germany. Different but Interesting Law of the German Government If you physically disable than Germany is best for you because for unemployed people the German government provides 450 Euro per person, petrol and diesel for the car, discount on travel tickets and many. Facts about Bavaria tell you about the Free State of Bavaria. It has the area of 27,200 square miles or 70,548 square kilometers. The location of this federal state of Germany is on the southeast of Germany. Since the state is very large, it is considered as the largest state in the country. It occupies around a fifth of the total area in Germany

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Germany's aging population, combined with high chronic unemployment, has pushed social security outlays to a level exceeding contributions, but higher government revenues from the cyclical upturn in 2006-07 and a 3% rise in the value-added tax pushed Germany's budget deficit well below the EU's 3% debt limit 10 facts about Munich 10 interesting things you may not have known about Munich, from Oktoberfest to sausages and tax free John Morgan CC BY 2.0 . Third largest city. After Berlin and Hamburg, Munich is Germany's third largest city and has a population of about 1.4 million. Find out how much you can save / Original price / Tax Refund. German trenches were in stark contrast to British trenches. German trenches were built to last and included bunk beds, furniture, cupboards, water tanks with faucets, electric lights, and doorbells. [3] France, not Germany, was the first country to use gas against enemy troops in WWI

Facts about Germany is for anyone seeking up-to-date information about Germany. It provides facts and figures about Germany's people, system of government, social life, politics, economy and culture. The website breaks down information into topics, with details such as charts, statistics and other related facts located in each section Infoplease has everything you need to know about Germany. Check out our country profile, full of essential information about Germany's geography, history, government, economy, population, culture, religion and languages. If that's not enough, click over to our collection of world maps and flags A couple of weeks ago, I visited Hamburg* for the (if I'm not mistaken) 7th time. I've always loved the city but it was only on this trip, that I really got to know more about the city and its past! Of course, I 'd like to share my newly-gained knowledge with you, so here are 15 fun facts about Ham Here are 25 Interesting Facts About Germany. 1-5 Interesting Facts About Germany 1. Actor Peter Dinklage, most notably known for playing the character Tyrion Lannister in the medieval fantasy TV sho The German language and its idiosyncrasies: the longest German word, a unique letter and confusing grammatical genders. Six fun facts about the German language Skip to main conten

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  1. An interesting German facts for kids is that it is the second most populous country after Russia in Europe and it is the fifth largest economy in the world. 11 percent of the German population live below the poverty line and the unemployment rate in Germany is 7.5 percent
  2. Facts about Nazi Germany: #14. The Nazis considered Native Americans to be a part of the Aryan race. Know more such facts about Nazis.
  3. d? Are your associations connected to the traditions, beautiful destinations or some other things Germans are known for? If you have not made up your
  4. Germany's central and southern regions have forested hills and mountains cut through by the Danube, Main, and Rhine river valleys
  5. Let us know some interesting facts about this German city, Hamburg. image: unterkunft-reise.com. 1. City of Most Bridges in the World. Hamburg has more bridges than Venice, London and Amsterdam combined. The total number of bridges in the city is a slight more than 2,300
  6. 10 Fascinating Facts About Germany. Ash Sharp. Germany, land of being really quiet on Sundays, driving at 320 kilometers per hour (200 mph) on the Autobahn, and sausage. These crude stereotypes aside, we discover that there is far more interesting history in Deutschland than one might expect
  7. It's one of the most famous and best-known monuments in all of Germany and a historic landmark in Berlin, and in this post, you'll discover the ultimate list of facts about the Brandenburg Gate. Interesting facts about the Brandenburg Gate 1. Berlin used to be a walled city In the 17th century, Berlin was still Mor

Take a closer look at your resident K-9 with these German Shepherd facts. Quick Facts. Essential Facts. Interesting Facts. German Shepherds can grow from 55cm-65cm. The average lifespan of a German shepherd is 9-13 years. German Shepherds originated from Germany in the year 1899 In honour of its closure, here are five fun facts about Germany's favourite hexagonal airport. 1. Tegel was built in just 90 days . In an impressive feat that puts the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport thoroughly to shame, Tegel Airport was built in just 90 days,.

Get to know this diverse and vibrant country with our 13 fun facts about Germany. Stine Gjevnøe Sørensen . 17. December 2015 6 mins read. Beyond all the ridiculous stereotypes that present this as a nation of order and serious efficiency, we think there's a. Germany (officially called the Federal Republic of Germany) is a country in central Europe. This post will tell you some interesting facts about Germany that you probably don't know! Interesting Facts About Germany. Germany exports more goods than any other country in the world. Over 98% of the population own cell phones Oktoberfest, Prague to Munich, Travel Tips Cameron King April 18, 2019 munich, munich fun facts, 19 things about munich, things about munich you didnt know, munich germany, what to know about munich, things to know about munich germany, oktoberfest, springfest, starbierzeit, beerfest, oktoberfest fails, oktoberfest sayins, what to wear to. German President Paul von Hindenburg (left) in a car with Nazi leader and Chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler in Berlin, 1st May 1933. Culture Club/Getty Images. Even while Hitler was in prison, the Nazi Party continued to participate in local and national elections, slowly consolidating power throughout the rest of the 1920s

Culture Some germane facts about the German language. Over 15 million people worldwide currently learn German, a language undergoing change — both in meaning and grammar Facts about Easter in Germany 5: the price of branches. The type of branches will determine the price. It is mostly sold at the price of 1.50 to 5 euro. If you are not German and you just travel to the country for hanging out, why you do not come to the garden of Volker Kraft These 10 facts about life expectancy in Germany go well beyond a person's living conditions, health, happiness or education. In fact, the German government has demonstrated its role in ensuring that people are living their lives to the fullest. - Haarika Gurivireddygari Photo: Flick Interesting facts about Frankfurt - Frankfurt is the historical city of coronations in Germany. It is also called the international city with the largest financial center on the continent and the smallest metropolis in the world

Germany facts for kids, or anyone else who is interested in learning about Germany. Learn more about this European country • Germany occupies 357,112 square kilometres of territory in Central Europe. It has land borders with nine countries and a coastline of 2389km on the North and Baltic seas. • Politically, Germany is a parliamentary democracy, with an upper house - the Bundesrat - and a lower chamber, the Bundestag, both in Berlin.The administrative structure is federal, with the sixteen Länder (states.

With the advent of the Cold War, two German states were formed in 1949: the western Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) and the eastern German Democratic Republic (GDR). The democratic FRG embedded itself in key western economic and security organizations, the EC (now the EU) and NATO, while the communist GDR was on the front line of the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact Germany's Economic Growth Statistics . In 2017, Germany's GDP growth rate was 2.4% better than it had been in the previous year. Germany's GDP per capita was $46,749 in 2017, better than the 2016 average of $45,923. It's lower than the $53,129 enjoyed in the United States and less than the European Union overall at $36,593 For many German speakers, the dialect that's most difficult to understand pronunciation-wise is in Bavaria. My relatives tell me that when Bavarian movies are shown in the north or in other German speaking countries, they're often shown with subtitles! We hope you've enjoyed these fun facts about German German is the official and predominant spoken language in Germany. It is one of 23 official languages in the European Union, and one of the three working languages of the European Commission, along with English and French.Recognised native minority languages in Germany are Danish, Sorbian, North Frisian and Saterland Frisian.Further Low German as a regional language

Find Germany's economic freedom report in the Index of Economic Freedom. The report includes Germany facts, such as the German population, GDP, inflation, unemployment and more Berlin is the capital and the largest city of Germany.. Berlin is located in northeastern Germany on the banks of the rivers Spree and Havel.. As of January 2018, the population of Berlin is about 3.7 million people.It is the second most populous city in the European Union behind London. Berlin covers an area of 892 square kilometers (344 square miles).. The city is situated in an area of low. Religion in Germany Fast Facts. Protestant 34%; Roman Catholic 34%; Other or unspecified 28.3%; Muslim 3.7%; Mormon 1.7%; Summary of Religion in Germany. Religiously, Christianity dominates Germany today as it has for several centuries As one of history's most reviled figures, Adolf Hitler remains the subject of grim fascination, with the details of his life revealing a troubled, complicated figure. Here are 10 facts about him. 1. He was Austrian. The fact that Hitler was Austrian, born in Braunau am Inn in April 1889, might seem odd given his association with German. The three horizontal stripes of Germany's flag have a long history associated with them. Their origin can be traced back to as long as the 12th century. Here are some facts about German flag. 3 Stripes of Black Red, and Gold. The German flag has 3 horizontal stripes black, red and golden yellow

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  1. Size: 891 km² Population: 3.484.995 The history of Germany's capital has been full of changes during the centuries. Berlin was capital of the Kingdom of Prussia (1701-1918), the German Empire (1871-1918), the Weimar Republik (1919-1933) and the Third Reich (1933-1945). After World War II East Berlin became capital of East Germany
  2. How the German Restaurant Experience Is Different Compared to the US. 10 Things I Didn't Realize Would Happen After I Was Diagnosed with Lupus. 12 Facts about Christmas in Germany. Our Cost of Living in Germany Compared to the USA. The Importance of Recognizing and Treating Sleep Apnea
  3. Germany has 24 representatives on the European Economic and Social Committee. This advisory body - representing employers, workers and other interest groups - is consulted on proposed laws, to get a better idea of the possible changes to work and social situations in member countries
  4. read No matter the tournament, the German football team is a force to be reckoned with: There's always a lot of buzz surrounding the Deutsche Nationalmannschaft (German national team), so get your facts straight and read through our crash course on all things Fußball (football)

Here are 10 fast facts about the current situation: Germany welcomed beyond one million refugees in 2015, 430,000 of whom escaped the grave humanitarian disaster in Syria. According to the United Nations (U.N.),. Everyone who is employed in Germany and earns more than 450 Euros per month is automatically part of the social security system in Germany.. As such, you may benefit from the various social funds listed further below (health insurance, unemployment benefits etc). How and to what extent you can benefit from the funds also depends on how much time you have paid into the German social security funds 10 Fascinating Facts About Germany. Mike Devlin. The history of Germany is inextricably linked to the specter of war, from the ancient Gothic tribes at odds with the Roman Empire to the Panzer battalions of the Nazi regime and everything in between Pan-German or All-German nationalist and anti-Semitic German Workers' Party (DAP) became Nazi Party in 1919. Hitler became its chairman in 1921. Hitler's Nazism was inspired by fascism that originated in Italy during the WWI. Nazism rejected any theories of the western capitalism and the Soviet socialism. Hitler believed in an Aryan German.

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German, however, contains an extra consonant ß, which represents a double-S. ß is unique among German consonants in that it's never found at the beginning of a word. Though you can sometimes substitute SS for ß if you're using a non-German keyboard, this only works for certain words: Masse and Maße, for instance, mean entirely different things (mass and dimensions. Nov 7, 2013 - MakingFriends Facts about Germany Printable Thinking Day fact card for our passports. Perfect if you chose Germany for your Girl Scout Thinking Day or International Night celebration German Shepherds is a very famous Dog around the globe. There are 250.000 purebred German Shepherd Dogs in Germany alone, with about 15.000 puppies born each year. GSD is a rare breed to have even a World Union of German Shepherd Dog Clubs. 9. Aloof. German Shepherds LOVE their owners, but they aren't keen on strangers Guide to German Food and Beverages. Many authentic and unique foods and beverages from Germany are available here in North America. Our Guide to German Foods and Beverages will help you learn about their variety. Meals and Manners. What Germans eat at mealtime and snack-time, and the customs for behavior when eating out or at home. What's On. In this collection of interesting facts about Germany you will read about the environment, famous inventions & discoveries and tidbits about everyday life in Germany. Deutschland is known as das Land der Dichter und Denker (the country of poets and thinker).German literature and classical music are recognised internationally. Well-known and less-known inventions made their way around the world

Adolf Hitler, chancellor of Germany, is welcomed by supporters at Nuremberg in 1933. Hulton Archive/Stringer/Getty Images The Holocaust began in 1933 when Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany and ended in 1945 when the Nazis were defeated by the Allied powers. The term Holocaust is derived from the Greek word holokauston, which means sacrifice by fire For many German speakers, the dialect that's most difficult to understand pronunciation-wise is in Bavaria. It has been said that when Bavarian movies are shown in the north or in other German-speaking countries, they're often shown with subtitles! So there you have it, some fun facts about the German language 10 Interesting facts about Germany. 1. Germany is known as Deutschland in the German language. 2. The capital city of Deutschland is Berlin. 3. Germany has the largest economy in Europe. 4. Football is the most popular sport in Germany. 5. The first book was printed in the German language. 6. German is the third most commonly taught language. A great post I have to say that a lot of these facts I already knew since I have attended the Oktoberfest festival twice. It turned out to be a great experience in which I got closer to the German culture. For this I booked a flight in Malaga. To get to the airport I rent a car and from there I took the plane that would take me to Germany

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Facts about German Shepherd Dogs are considered the best friends of humans. It is the most loyal, kind and protective animal. Happiness or gum dog always supports his owner. Today we are going to tell you some interesting things about German Shepherd, a special breed of dogs, dogs of this breed are famous all over the world. 1 Germany has one of the largest gross domestic products (GDP) worldwide, only surpassed by the United States, China, and Japan. Germany's gross domestic product per capita is expected to grow again. 18 Facts Most People Don't Know About German Cars. Here Are 18 Facts Most People Don't Know About German Cars. By Torstein Salvesen Oct 19, 2019. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. German automotive manufacturers have been in the news a ton lately—though not always in a good way, as evidenced by Volkswagen and the ongoing Dieselgate scandal Here are some facts about Berlin. Berlin has been the capital of Germany since 1990. The city has a population of 3.5 million people, making it the largest in Germany and the 7th largest in the European Union. It is well known for its museums, night life, open spaces, universities and high standard of living. [

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Saxony, state, eastern Germany. Present-day Saxony is composed largely of hill and mountain country, with only its northernmost portions and the area around Leipzig descending into the great North European Plain. The chief mountain range is the Ore Mountains and the capital is Dresden Facts about Germany by jeremy-gaines-germany A copy that has been read, but remains in excellent condition. Pages are intact and are not marred by notes or highlighting, but may contain a neat previous owner name. The spine remains undamaged. At ThriftBooks, our motto is: Read More, Spend Less

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In addition, Germany has a strong automotive industry that is among the strong supporters of the economy. Here are 10 interesting facts about Germany. 1. 104 German Laureates have been awarded the Nobel Prize. One of the most famous scientists, Albert Einstein, was born in Germany before immigrating to the USA. 2 In northwest Germany on the banks of the Elbe river lies the city of Hamburg. With almost 2 million inhabitants, it's the second largest in Germany - surpassed only by Berlin, the country's capital. Read these fun facts about Hamburg to learn about the city which its locals claim to be the most beautiful in the world Are you interested in finding out more about the wonderful country of Germany? Perhaps you live there and want to learn some interesting facts about your home? Or, maybe you are planning a trip to Germany and are considering which attractions and festivals to visit? In this fascinating audiobook, narrator Charles King talks us through more than one hundred amazing facts about Germany The centre of northern Germany both economically and culturally, Hamburg is the nation's second largest city. It has 1.7 million inhabitants and sits on the River Elbe. Before you visit, here are some facts you might not know about the city and its people, and the attractions and world-class shopping to be found there

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Here's one of the more thirst-quenching facts about Luxembourg. If you visit the Restaurant Chiggeri in the city of Luxembourg, you can take your pick from more than 2,200 different wines. 6. Facts about Luxembourg's political system: it is the only Grand Duchy in the world Soon after its 1863 founding in England, soccer hopped the English Channel to all the nations of continental Europe. In Germany, fussball took hold rapidly, and by the 1920s rated as the nation's most popular sport. In 2014, the German men's national team sits atop the FIFA world rankings, with the women in the No.. This post is part of a series of fun facts posts I'm doing for every country I have articles about here on the blog. Given their nature, these posts are research-based and even though a lot of time has gone into them, it's still possible a mistake has snuck in

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Please note : scroll to bottom and click Next page To view the rest of the updated, even longer ww2 facts list! #1 - Canada produced more trucks than Germany, Italy and Japan COMBINED. #2 - Germany had total military casualties of 4,429,875 men during WW2. Nearly 80% of these casualties were lost to Russia. If you are in the middle of not knowing which dog breeds to purchase, here are the facts as listed about Germany shepherd because I could advise purchasing this breed. READ - Top 12 Cutest Pomeranian Mix Dog Breeds. Note - We are using free images. If you own copyrights,. Here are 25 Little Known Facts About Nazi Forces. 1-5 Little Known Facts About Nazi Forces 1. Two Nazi submarines declined to surrender when Berlin fell an Today, more than 1.5 million visitors come to see Germany's fairy tale castles, making it one of the most visited castles in the world. Here's everything you need to know about this charming.

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